TACT/TAC is Saturday, November 16

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Join us for a day of informational and educational sessions for artists and arts professionals

TAC/TAC the Tacoma Arts Conference, hosted by the Arts Leadership Lab Tacoma, is an opportunity to connect with professionals and forward the growth of our creative economy. The conference serves working artists, creative entrepreneurs, and arts professionals who are or would like to make a living as a part of the cultural sector.

This conference showcases 40 local leaders, both established and emerging, in seminars, classes, and forums that will encourage dialogue and learning. Sessions and forums cover topics such as arts education, funding, online engagement, public art, creative small businesses, and arts careers.

Sessions include:

  • Online Engagement: A Beginners Guide
  • Looking to the Future: Models for Alternative Arts Education
  • Joining Tacoma’s New Creative Economy
  • Going Public: Transitioning from Studio Art to Public Work
  • Behind Closed Doors: the Funding Panel
  • Online Engagement: Next Steps for Power Users
  • An Artist’s Career: Establishing your Practice, Building Demand
  • Places for Art: how space helps define arts programming

Presenters include:

Holy Chea, The Greater Tacoma Community Foundation; Brittany Humphrey, MLK Ballet; Mary Tuttle and Sophie Nevin, Metro Arts; Jason Mouer and Lauren Appel, Hilltop Artists; Jan Brazzell and Traci Kelly, Tacoma Arts Commission; Heather Joy, Spaceworks Tacoma; Amy McBride, City of Tacoma; Mayumi Tsutakawa, ArtsWA; Marilyn Bennett, Toy Boat Theatre; Kellen Braddock, APRIL Festival; David Domkoski, Assemblage Theater; David Fischer, Broadway Center for the Performing Arts; sweet pea Flaherty, King’s Books; Klara Glosova, Nepo House; Stephenie Kriege Pederson, the BareFoot  Collective; Charlie Rathbun, 4culture; Daniel Rahe, Post Defiance; Paige Reitz, A People’s Choir; Matthew Richter, Seattle’s Office of Arts & Culture; Kenji Stoll, Fab-5; R.R. Anderson, Tinkertopia; Elizabeth Morrow, Delightfully Tacky; Halley Knigge, MultiCare; Zach Powers, The Grand Cinema; Ricky German, R. German; Christopher Keil, Hilltop Kitchen; Kevin McGlocklin, Bluebeard Coffee; Mackenzie Putscher, Singe; Jacqui and Scott Scoggin, Slide Sideways; and artists Laurie Cinotto, Elizabeth Gahan, Diane Hansen, Bret Lyon, Yuki Nakamura, Claudia Riedener, Elizabeth Conner, Kareem Kandi, Jeremy Mangan, Nicholas Nyland, and Chandler O’Leary.

Check out the complete listing of sessionspresenters, and schedule.

While you’re here, take advantage of your own personal one-on-one portfolio review. A few 15-minute sessions are still available from 9 – 10:30 am. To reserve a spot, contact Naomi at 253.591.5191.

Online registration has closed. Tickets for both the full or for individual sessions will be available at the event for CASH or CHECK only. Register in person beginning at 8:30 am, November 16 in room 107 of Wyatt Hall at the University of Puget Sound (#53 on the campus map).

Call Katy at 253.583.4718 with any additional questions.

Check out the TAC/TAC write-up over on the Tacoma Weekly

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Big thanks to Tacoma Weekly and Matt Nagle for helping to spread the word about TAC/TAC. Read the article here:

Tacoma Arts and Culture Conference shows how to make a living at being an artist

Tacoma Weekly


TAC/TAC Session – Going Public: Transitioning from Studio Art to Public Work

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Elizabeth R Gahan’s
“Chromatic Crystallization”

Have you ever wondered what goes into creating public art? The work you see in public spaces is often much different than studio work, yet most public artists come to the field from some kind of private studio practice. Going Public will explore the transition from studio to public work and offer some insight into the process.

Panelists for Going Public come to public art from a range of media and experiences, including as gallery artists, business owners, and temporary installation artists. The panel includes both artist-fabricators and artists who work with fabricators. Going Public is perfect for artists who have considered working publicly, people interested in how public artwork is created, people interested in peeking “behind the scenes,” and arts enthusiasts.

Yuki Nakamura’s “Trespass”

To make the talk that much richer, it’ll be accompanied by a temporary art exhibit. We’ve asked panelists to bring models, planning documents, and examples of studio work to enhance the experience and give attendees a little view into what it actually takes to bring your work from the studio to the public realm.

Diane Hansen’s “Lock-On Tacoma”

About the Panel: Going Public: Transitioning from Studio Art to Public Work will explore the differences between public and studio artwork, and look into the process of making that transition. We’ll give each panelist 10 minutes to share his or her experience, then move into a moderated discussion lead by experienced public artist Elizabeth Conner. We’ll ask such questions as: How is your process different working in the studio vs. creating public work? How has your work changed because of the public process? What challenges has public work presented for your practice? What rewards?

Where/When: Saturday, November 16, 1pm-3pm, The Rotunda at the University of Puget Sound. The exhibition will also be open during lunch, directly before the panel.

Bret Lyon’s “Lot 411”


Bret Lyon
A native of Tacoma, Bret received his B.A. and M.F.A in Sculpture from Central Washington University. Bret has shown in several group and solo exhibitions, and recently installed his first public art commission at the Foss Waterway Seaport in June. Bret served on the Tacoma Arts Commission from 2003-2007 and was Vice President of Tacoma Contemporary from 2006-2010. He enjoys crossing the lines of different disciplines and taking on new and different challenges in whatever form the art takes.

Elizabeth R Gahan
Elizabeth R Gahan is a Seattle-based artist whose current art practice combines 2D studio art and public installation art. She received a BA from UC Santa Barbara and a MFA from Claremont Graduate University. Gahan has been awarded multiple fellowships, grants and public commissions including Artist Trust GAP Grant, City of Seattle 1% for Arts Fund, Seattle City Artist Project Grant, Storefronts Seattle, Spaceworks Tacoma, Seattle Art Interruptions, Bellas Artes at the University of Barcelona Spain, Helen B. Dooley Art Fellowship, Museum and Cultural Management Academic Fellowship, Claremont Graduate University Faculty Selected Art Fellowship, and Jeanie Anderson Memorial Fund Grant.

Claudia Riedener’s
“Anthropods in Bloom”

Claudia Riedener
Claudia is a Swiss-born, self-taught ceramic muralist and tile maker, nature enthusiast and lover of all things Tacoma. Her public installations include: South Tacoma Public Library, Masa Restaurant Tacoma, Bellarmine School Tacoma, McCarver Park Tacoma, Multi-Care Tree House Tacoma, Hops Arbor at Ruston Waterwalk , and Sage Point Elementary School in Moses Lake.

Diane Hansen
As a young girl, Diane studied classical art with a French Countess who had a tremendous influence on her. After attending Arizona State University, Diane, a native Washingtonian, discovered the Northwest Glass Movement after being invited to attend the 1989 Pilchuck Auction. She became captivated with glass, and soon began glassblowing at Pratt Fine Arts Center and Pilchuck Glass School. Diane exhibits both nationally and internationally and is currently working on a large-scale Sound Transit commission for the city of Tacoma. Diane is also the co-owner of Bellaballs, a studio that creates handblown glass floats for a variety of occasions.

Yuki Nakamura
Yuki Nakamura is a Tacoma-based artist. She graduated from Joshibi University of Art and Design, Tokyo in 1994, and earned a Master of Fine Arts degree from University of Washington in 1997. She has had solo exhibitions at Peeler Art Center, DePauw University in Greencastle, SOIL Gallery in Seattle and Howard House Contemporary Art in Seattle. Her collaborations have been featured at Henry Art Gallery in Seattle, Santa Fe International New Media Festival and Kittredge Gallery in Tacoma. Yuki is the recipient of numerous awards including a Pollock-Krasner Grant, Artist Trust Fellowship, and the Joshibi Creative and Research Fellowship.

Elizabeth Conner will be moderating the discussion. A sculptor and installation artist, Elizabeth has more than 20 years of experience creating work for public places throughout the United States. She holds an MFA in Visual Art from Vermont College and currently teaches art at the University of Washington Tacoma. Elizabeth has been a member of the Services to Artists Committee of the College Art Association, was one of the 12 original members of VALISE Gallery and Collective on Vashon Island, and is currently serving on the Washington State Arts Commission.

Metro Arts: A Model for Alternative Arts Education

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The image above shows students from Stafford Elementary school making cranes to celebrate the re-opening of the Point Defiance Pagoda.  A partnership between Metro Arts and the Asia Pacific Cultural Center, the project made 1,000 cranes as a blessing for the revived space.

The Tacoma public parks system offers art classes to young and old alike through the Metro Arts program. They offer both performing and visual arts that allow the children in our community to express themselves creatively.

Mary Tuttle, Senior Visual & Performing Arts Coordinator, and Sophie Nevin, a former student who now teaches for Metro Arts, will be joined by a current student to serve as panelists at the Tacoma Arts Conference. They will contribute their insight and knowledge of what it is like to work with youth in the arts. Don’t miss “Looking to the Future: Models for Alternative Arts Education” at 10:45 a.m. in Wyatt Hall, room 101!

TAC/TAC Sessions: Online Engagement for Beginners and Next Steps for Power Users

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TacTac Online Engagement Presenters
TAC/TAC presenters: on the left, R.R. Anderson and Zach Powers; in the middle, Halley Knigge; on the right, Laurie Cinotto and Kevin Freitas

The means of presenting and sharing information about ourselves, especially our creative selves, is a rapidly evolving beast – and kind of a wild beast at that. Despite our attempts to tame and master, the beast easily gets away from us, racing along, picking up new confusing tricks, daring us to figure it all out again.

Instead of thinking about our communications and outreach as beastly, we really have to become a part of the wild. We can’t tame it so we must become one with it.

It’s a silly metaphor, I’ll grant you, but it has helped my way of thinking about communicating, making it a little more fun and a little less daunting. I consider myself one of the pack, I have decided to learn my strengths, and contribute where I can, all the while making sure I survive.

The internet is our major and now regularly primary means of communicating information about what we do. And any artist, small business owner, or creative entrepreneur cannot ignore this fact anymore. Many businesses thrive or die based on the strength of the online interaction, many exist soley on the internet, connecting with their supporters and customers through purely online ways.

So how do you become a part of this new wild space? How do you unleash your internet beast? A good first step is to check out our TAC/TAC sessions on online engagement.

TAC/TAC offers up two different sessions, one for beginner beasts and one for the intermediates, where attendees can learn and ask questions of our experts.

We start our exploration into the internet wilds with Online Engagement: A Beginners Guide (9 am-10:30 am, Wyatt 101). Successful creatives and communications professionals will share their online tools of the trade including some essential basics like establishing a website and social media presence. This course is for beginners just starting to navigate the confusing worldwide web.

Our panelists for this session have unique experiences both online and here in Tacoma. Come learn from:

Halley Knigge
Halley Knigge

Halley Knigge is a freelance writer and social media manager. By day, she manages social media for MultiCare Health System. By night, she works as a freelance writer for publications including The Huffington Post and KOMO News, and an unofficial publicist for her artist husband, Chuck Knigge. @halleyrebecca

Rockwell Powers
Zach Powers performing as Rockwell Powers

Zach Powers is the Director of Marketing and Communications for The Grand Cinema and the Tacoma Film Festival, a local hip-hop musician and concert planner, a freelance journalist, and a Tacoma Arts Commissioner. He holds a BA from Pacific Lutheran University and a MPA from The Evergreen State College. He’s led and consulted social media campaigns for numerous local events, arts organizations, and political campaigns. @ZachPowers253

Laurie bnw
Laurie Cinotto

Laurie Cinotto is a Tacoma-based blogger and author whose adventures fostering and placing litters of tiny, adorable kittens in their “forever homes” are documented on her website, the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee. This spring, Roaring Brook Press will publish an Itty Bitty Kitty Committee book, a collection of anecdotes from her blog mixed with kitten-raising tips. She’s also a crafter and craft writer, and develops DIY projects for Fiskars, makers of the famous orange-handled scissors and many crafting tools. She sells her paper crafts at craft shows, local shops, and online. @kittycommittee@lala_laurie

For those with a little more internet experience under their belts (or, I suppose I should say pelts if I want to keep my unwieldy metaphor going), check out our panelists at the Online Engagement: Next Steps for Power Users session (3:15 pm – 4:45 pm, Wyatt 101).

Halley Knigge and two more experts adept at “internet” will share their keys to in-depth online success.

This panel will be very interactive with lots of questions answered, brainstorming, and networking. This course is for users who are very comfortable with social media, content management, and connectivity. Join Halley and two others:

R.R. Anderson
R.R. Anderson

R.R. Anderson (of Tinkertopia and Holistic Forge Works)is a designer and the underground cartoonist of The Tacomic – Tacoma’s only hyper-local political cartoon – as well as a father, husband, and one hour sidewalk chalkist. As of 2013, R.R. is also a full-time self-employed ‘creative reuse specialist and propaganda chief of the TINKER PATROL–the paramilitary defense, research, salvation, and exploration force of Tinkertopia.com@rr_anderson

Kevin Freitas
Kevin Freitas

Kevin Freitas is a 15+ year veteran of all things web. Aside from developing websites like feedtacoma.com and mobile apps he’s also been in the social media game since before blogs were called blogs (his started out as a “journal”). Kevin is the owner and entrepreneur behind Frayd Media  and creator of secondhand thrifting site Swap Meet Mama, community aggregator FeedTacoma, and numerous other projects, tools, and apps currently in development. @kevinfreitas

ktface bnw
Katy Evans

I (Katy Evans) will facilitate both discussions, guiding the discussion to cover both online and in-real-life experiences, respond to questions, and make sure attendees leave feeling a little more comfortable with engagement and the ways of the internet wilds. A member of the Arts Leadership Lab, I work as a grantwriter, edit and write for Post Defiance, sit on the Spaceworks Steering Committee, and coordinate Campus MLK@katynicoud

Art at Work Month Studio Tours!

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On November 2 and 3 from 11a.m. to 5p.m., artists across Tacoma will be opening up their studios to the public for the annual Art at Work Studio Tours.

These free tours exemplify the essence of Art at Work Month by showcasing the process and energy that our local artists put into their work. It’s not every day that we get to see works of art in progress and chat with artists in their creative milieu, so take advantage of this unique opportunity. The Studio Tours are kid-friendly, with demonstrations or hands-on art projects at each stop.

The Studio Tours are also a great way to start thinking about some of the TAC/TAC panel discussion topics, such as “An Artist’s Career: Establishing your Practice and Building Demand” and  “Going Public: Transitioning from Studio Art to Public Work.”

The following artists are not only going to be opening up their spaces for the Art at Work Studio Tours, they will also be featured presenters at the Tacoma Arts Conference.

R.R. Anderson

Diane Hansen

Hilltop Artists

Chandler O’Leary

MLKBallet: A Model for Alternative Arts Education

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From the MLKBallet MOVE! series. Photograph by Tracie Bonjour
From the MLKBallet MOVE! series. Photograph by Tracie Bonjour

Quoted from Ten Dances on a Tiny Stage to Raise Funds for MLKBallet on Post Defiance.

MLKBallet is a nonprofit organization that provides tuition-free dance classes to children ages 6 to 12, as well as affordable adult classes that are open to all skill levels. In the 8 years that MLKBallet has been in existence, they have helped make dance more accessible, dismantling the perception of ballet as exclusive and elite.

“I am so proud to be involved with MLKBallet and the work that we do.” says MLKBallet Director Faith Stevens, “Dance is an amazing art form, and not an easy one to learn. Providing our students with high quality training, tuition-free, opens them to a whole new set of experiences.”

Free and accessible does not mean that the MLKBallet students are lacking in rigorous professional training. The students, supplied free of charge with proper shoes and uniforms, learn the skills and craft that they would have gained at a for-profit dance studio.

MLKBallet also gives their students a unique opportunity to perform with professional dancers from contemporary dance companies based in the Northwest as a part of their MOVE! series.

MLKBallet Instructor Brittany Humphrey, along with one of her students, will serve on the panel “Looking to the Future: Models for Alternative Arts Education” at 10:45 a.m. in Wyatt Hall, room 101. Attendees will have a chance to learn more about what MLKBallet does and the impact they have on the lives of youth.